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Slate River Scented & Softening Dryer Balls

Slate River Scented & Softening Dryer Balls

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It smells like: Jagged slate in a coursing white water river.

Scent notes: Coastal citrus, driftwood, white pepper, lush oakmoss.

What you get: premium Beau Laundry Co. wool dryer balls that last 1000+ loads.

Details: Beau Laundry Co. Dryer Balls are made from New Zealand Merino Wool and are coated in a softener, unlike other dryer ball brands, that actually leaves your clothes static free, softened, and come in unique scents. Use our dryer balls to cut down on drying time, cost, and waste while leaving your clothes wrinkle-free and smelling great without breaking the bank.

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The best of both dryer sheets and dryer balls

Easy to use. Exceptional results. No BS.


Wool, Softener Blend, Fragrance

How To Use

  • Throw your wet laundry into the dryer
  • Toss in the 3 wool dryer balls
  • Choose your dry cycle and start it
  • Enjoy the soft finish!

Designed for Efficency

Beau Laundry Co. dryer balls are designed to more effectively dry your clothes by increasing air flow and bouncing between layers of wet fabric. This reduces energy used and decreases the time it take to dryer your clothes!

Results You'll Love

  1. Softens clothes to the touch
  2. Stops static buildup
  3. Reduces Wrinkles
  4. Leaves clothes smelling great

Collects Hair Better Than Dryer Sheets

  • Collects people hair and pet hair that the washer missed
  • Once the cycle is done, removing hair from the dryerballs is super easy!

And Everything In Between

By using Beau Laundry Co. Dryer Balls, you get the sustainability and reusability of a dryer ball plus the consistency and quality of a dryer sheet.

Togther, they make an planet-friendly AND affordable, high quality product.

Customer Reviews

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Joey R
Awesome at removing dog hair.

I ordered a pack of the Slate River scented wool dryer balls and I could not be more impressed. After drying, my clothes have a subtle but apparent fresh scent that does not smell like the awful, pungent smell from dryer sheets like Bounce. I also have 2 dogs, a German Shepherd and Husky so my clothes are always covered in dog hair. These dryer balls have been the best thing I've used to remove the dog hair from my clothes. Many of my clothes, especially my everyday work uniforms are prone to wrinkling while drying but since I have switched to these my uniforms have been wrinkle free. In every aspect these dryer balls are 10x better than any conventional dryer sheet I have used.