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How to use dryer balls:

Simply toss 3 dryer balls per medium sized load into the dryer with your wet clothes. Then turn on the dryer as usual. Beau Laundry Co.'s dryer balls work by tumbling your clothes during the cycle, helping to reduce clumping and dry them faster, while leaving a soft coating and unique scent.

Using your dryer balls

To use Beau Laundry Co. dryer balls to their fullest potential, we recommend putting three dryer balls into the dryer with a normal sized load of clothes and running your normal dryer cycle. It's that simple!

  • Should I wash my dryer balls?

    No, washing Beau Laundry Co. dryer balls will remove the softener coating and fragrance. There is no need to wash them. Just make sure clean the hair and lint off of them after you use them.

  • Can I use them if I have sensitive skin?

    Yes. Our unscented and uncoated dryer balls are perfect for those with sensitive skin.

  • How similar are your dryer balls to laundry sheets?

    Our coated and fragranced dryer balls are closely similar to competeing dryer sheets, both in softening ability and fragrace level.

  • There's banging coming from my dryer, should I be worried?

    Not at all! Our dryer balls are heavier overall due to the reusability and coating of softener.

  • Will these damage my clothes?

    Our dryer balls, while heavier than others, will not damage your clothes in the dryer when added to a full load.

  • I like the scent, how can I make it stronger?

    To make the scent stronger, we recommend purchasing the equivalent scent Laundry Scent Booster and putting 2-3 drops on each ball.

  • Can use these dryer balls with in-wash fragrance beads?

    While you can use our dryer balls with clothes washed with in-wash scent beads, it is strongly not recommended. The in-wash scent beads will impart the scent on the dryer balls, changing the smell of your laundry and dryer balls.

  • How often should I change out my dryer balls?

    While the balls themselves will be good for many years, the softener coating and fragrance will get used up over time. We recommend replacing your dryer balls every 3 to 6 months for optimal softening and fragrance.

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