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Acqua Laundry Soap

Acqua Laundry Soap

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It smells like: Mandarin orange, aquatic waters, cedar wood. 

Scent notes: Orange, neroli, jasmine, white musk, and cedarwood.

What you get: 24oz of a handcrafted laundry soap.

Details: Upgrade your laundry game with our hand-crafted laundry soap. Made to order with simple ingredients, each batch is formulated to make your clothes super-clean and smelling great without harsh chemicals.

Bonus: Marion, Iowa and surrounding towns have hard water, so we added a dash of softener salt to not only help scrub out dirty and grime, but also reduces water hardness. This gives your clothes a fresher, cleaner feel!

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The best of both dryer sheets and dryer balls

Easy to use. Exceptional results. No BS.


Wool, Softener Blend, Fragrance

How To Use

  • Throw your wet laundry into the dryer
  • Toss in the 3 wool dryer balls
  • Choose your dry cycle and start it
  • Enjoy the soft finish!

Designed for Efficency

Beau Laundry Co. dryer balls are designed to more effectively dry your clothes by increasing air flow and bouncing between layers of wet fabric. This reduces energy used and decreases the time it take to dryer your clothes!

Results You'll Love

  1. Softens clothes to the touch
  2. Stops static buildup
  3. Reduces Wrinkles
  4. Leaves clothes smelling great

Collects Hair Better Than Dryer Sheets

  • Collects people hair and pet hair that the washer missed
  • Once the cycle is done, removing hair from the dryerballs is super easy!

And Everything In Between

By using Beau Laundry Co. Dryer Balls, you get the sustainability and reusability of a dryer ball plus the consistency and quality of a dryer sheet.

Togther, they make an planet-friendly AND affordable, high quality product.

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